Mission Statement:

The goal of this publication is to capture Mason’s dedication to innovative research through the publication of diverse undergraduate works from across the curriculum.

What is The George Mason Review?

George Mason Review is a cross-disciplinary, undergraduate research journal.  Through the publication of scholarly, undergraduate work, GMR acts as a medium for discussion among the Mason undergraduate body about scholarship.  It seeks to re-vision scholarship by traversing the boundaries that separate disciplines: the humanities from the sciences, the technical from the theoretical, and the academic from the creative. GMR allows you to contribute your voice to a discussion defining what scholarship looks like by providing a place for you to be published both online and in print. GMR presents your creativity in an academic context to the entire Mason community.

What We Publish

GMR seeks research that breaches boundaries to create meaning and new understanding across disciplines.  We want work that not only considers an issue or issues about which the author is passionate, but that strives to convey that passion to readers of many backgrounds. We encourage submitters to experiment with the defined research limits within such disciplines as Music Performance, Cinematography, Biology, Economics and Ethnography. 

GMR strives to provide readers with nuanced academic discourse and original methodologies on complex and previously untreated subjects. We encourage submissions to include fieldwork or real-life applications discovered within the context of research, refined writing which approaches subjects from a unique perspective, and cross-disciplinary able to incorporate various fields of study and their methodologies.

Why Publish as an Undergraduate?

Research writing is an important component of nearly every discipline.  Whether you are an engineer, a historian, a psychologist, or a literary scholar, you will encounter the opportunity and the pressure to publish.  Indeed, many graduate and doctoral programs require publication in a peer-reviewed journal.  Publishing in GMR is a great opportunity to learn about what it’s like to submit for research publication.  It’s your chance to show the entire undergraduate community — and those beyond it — your knowledge, creativity, and skill and to add to your publishing resume.

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  1. Do you get a significant number of publications from Honors College students? We have to write a research paper for that class and I was wondering if that may be acceptable. Thanks!

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