Frequently Asked Questions

What is Research?

Research doesn’t just happen in the classroom.  Research is a creative, dynamic process that draws from past knowledge to develop a new understanding.  While almost every undergraduate student has written a research paper at one point in his or her academic career, it can be difficult to define precisely what research is.  Research can be personal or professional, and it can involve a highly structured methodology or a spontaneous set of discoveries.  Research can even happen when you aren’t expecting it: looking through a family photo album, reading a memoir by a famous politician, or watching a documentary can be a form of research, too.

Research is not just about the process, but also about the product.  Scholarly inquiry inevitably leads to a discovery of some sort: a new theory, a new point of view on an issue, or a real-world solution to a problem.  GMR strives to publish work that makes us think about a topic or subject in a new way; research that reaches across disciplines in its methodology, form, or content and employs creativity both in the research process and in the research product.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for the 29th volume is February 2, 2019 at midnight.

Where do we submit?

Who is allowed to submit?

All Mason undergraduates, regardless of major, are allowed to submit.

Is there a maximum length for the submissions?

We ask that contributors consider the limits of our print budget. Though no maximum page limit is enforced, our ideal paper does not exceed twenty-five pages.

What is the format for the paper?

The paper should be written in essay form in line with your discipline’s preferred citation style.


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