• When is the deadline?

The deadline is February 16, 2017 by midnight.

  • Where do we submit?


Link of the page on which you can submit: https://georgemasonreview.submittable.com/Submit

  • Who is allowed to submit?

All Mason undergraduates, regardless of discipline, are allowed to submit. If you’ve just graduated, you are allowed to submit the previous year’s papers. For instance, if you graduated in Spring 2016, you are still allowed to submit.

  • What type of papers do you accept?

Please refer to our Research Definition page to learn more about the types of papers we accept.

  • Is there a maximum length for the submissions?

We ask that contributors consider the limits of our print budget. Though no maximum page limit is enforced, our ideal paper does not exceed twenty-five pages.

  • What is the format for the paper?

The format should be in an essay form. There are no requirements but to attach the supplemental statement.


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