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Including the GMR in Your Classes

Our website offers each volume of The George Mason Review online for free. Each volume provides your students with examples of excellent scholarship from across the disciplines.

Incorporating The George Mason Review in your courses is easy. Simply include the recommended verbiage in your syllabi or as a resource on your course site. Several faculty members have already incorporated the GMR in their classes, some making submission to the GMR a requirement or an opportunity for bonus points.

We ask that you partner with us in urging your students to take advantage of this great opportunity for recognition through publication. Those students who submit to the GMR must engage with a broader audience beyond the context of the classroom, which enriches their scholarly experience.

Presentation and Print Copy

If you’re interested in having a member of our staff present this opportunity to your students in class (5-7 minutes), please send us an email ( Print copies of The George Mason Review are available in the Office of Student Media (Hub 1012); if you would like a print copy sent to your office, please send us an email with your GMU mail stop.

Submission Encouragement Email
Faculty Introduction Packet
The GMR Presentation


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