You may submit up to 10 works to the GMR including research writing, literary critiques or analyses, and other academic works. Every work must have a supplementary statement included with it.

Submitted papers are being considered for publication in the 2018-2019 journal.

SUBMIT to the 28th Volume!

How We Evaluate Your Work

We cannot anticipate the many varied and creative forms that re-visioned scholarship will undoubtedly take. Nevertheless, we must provide ourselves, our peer reviewers, and you–our audience and submitters–some guidance. Thus, the GMR staff keeps the following criteria in mind while reviewing your work:

This Work…

  • Makes the Discourse of the Field Accessible to Those not in It
    • Explains terminology, principles, and perspectives thoroughly and clearly
    • Explicates the connections and applications of the work to other field
  • Re-visions scholarship
    • Explores how to effectively incorporate improbable structures from other genres, disciplines, or fields
    • Explores and blurs the distinction between “academic” and “creative”
    • Challenges the boundaries separating the humanities from the sciences
  • Acts as an Effective Model of Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Shows an understanding of principles, methods, and theories that are used
    • Integrates these principles, methods, and theories in a fluid and engaging way
    • Incorporates sources appropriately and effectively (where applicable)
  • Engages the Audience’s Interest
    • Addresses audience appropriately and clearly in its own context
    • Demonstrates elements of good writing that make it enjoyable to read

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